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Top 8 Places to Network in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry


“It’s who you know,” the old adage of business goes, and it’s true for the blockchain industry just as any other. However, with so many blockchain experts–from developers to marketers and everything in between–working from their own homes as freelancers, networking can prove difficult for those looking to enter the field.

Unless you live in a major city, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a blockchain convention at your local community center, and you may instead face a lot of confused faces and, “Bitcoin? Isn’t that the money for assassins and hackers?”

Rather than become disheartened and sink into a lifestyle of internet crime, try out these places to meet new folks in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Social Media

Many of us who have taken such an intense liking to blockchain and cryptocurrency that we’ve made a career out of it spend a *lot* of time behind our computer screens. As such, social media becomes our outlet for keeping in contact with the rest of the world all the while meeting new people from all around who share our passions.


Since most people in the blockchain community do much of our business networking over the internet, people in blockchain tend to be a lot more lax about accepting connection requests on LinkedIn compared to other, older industries.

Be sure to put any experience you have in blockchain or cryptocurrency in your profile and preferably in your short job title that shows beside your profile photo.

Then, search blockchain or crypto and add a few professionals of interest alongside a personalized message. Once a few have accepted your connection request, feel free to add more in bursts. LinkedIn will start recommending “People You May Know” with similar skills in the circles of your new connections. As you begin to build momentum, others of us who are searching will start to connect with you as well as we see you share connections with other blockchain experts.

Don’t stop there though! Comment on relevant posts from your new connections to start a conversation.

Because talent is scarcer than the demand for professionals in blockchain, you’ll likely find people discussing projects with you for which you have relevant skills. Involve yourself as much as you can, and you’ll very soon be gaining more reputation in this niche.


Nearly every tokensale and blockchain project has a Twitter presence. The easiest way to start connecting with blockchain pros on Twitter is to both post with relevant hashtags and search those same hashtags. When you’re searching hashtags, open yourself to conversation by commenting on tweets and following the people who share similar work interests.

For a list of some of the most widely used blockchain and crypto hashtags, check out The Top 45 Hashtags to Use in Blockchain and Crypto (Plus 42 Top Influencers). 


Facebook groups are a treasure trove of connections in blockchain. Many of these groups require someone to approve you as a member, so making a public post to your timeline that shows your interest in the niche can help speed up the process.

Once you’re in, be sure to read the rules, and start posting! By posting, commenting on others posts within the group, and responding insightfully to comments others leave on yours, you’ll soon begin to grow your network.

The quickest way to make this process work is to join multiple groups and stay active as frequently as you can. You’ll quickly start to recognize familiar faces and learn the sorts of projects people are working on. Just remember, Facebook is a platform to legitimately connect with others, and spamming is rarely tolerated in these groups–that includes friend requests.

Project Chat Channels

More often than not, major blockchain projects and tokensales create a community project chat that anyone can join to ask questions, stay up to date on projects, and generally socialize. Community is such an important factor for the blockchain niche that many people generate serious friendships that often turn into working relationships through project chats.

This can be one of the fastest ways to grow a network in blockchain, and there’s the added benefit that many tokensales incentivize joining these social channels with tokens as part of their bounty campaign.


Slack is a godsend for most freelancers and is the chat program of choice for remote workers all over the globe. Many blockchain projects use this for the simple creation of channels to keep different facets of conversation separate and easy to read such as announcements, questions, and general socializing.

Some projects have veered away from Slack as a community channel due to the influx of bots, but many are still using it as their sole community chat. Check for Slack icons on tokensale websites for an invitation or link to join.


Telegram has taken the place of Slack for many blockchain projects thanks to increased security and lower frequency of bot hijinx. This is among the more commonly incentivized bounty channels recently, and channels tend to stay highly active.

While Telegram doesn’t have the same benefits for organization as Slack, it is a simple-to-use software that can be installed on both PC and mobile and used for a variety of purposes.

If you use Telegram for bounty chats, you’ll probably find many regulars across projects and maybe even make some cash with projects you care about in the process.

Telegram channels are usually a great place to learn from others in the community and are nearly always a wonderful source of crypto-meme humor.


There are a lot of websites dedicated to discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain. To find the best ones, it is easiest to Google your particular realm of interest. For example, an Ethereum developer would likely join a different chat than an investor. However, there is one forum that seems to attract people from all walks of the crypto crowd, and that is BitcoinTalk Forums.

BitcoinTalk Forums

BitcoinTalk Forums are another common place to participate in bounty campaigns by participating in signature campaigns. That means you put specific information about a project in your forum signature that others see when you post in exchange for payment from the project.

Whether you want to talk about beginner topics, technical aspects, general discussion, or even in many different languages, BitcoinTalk has something to offer. This is a booming forum with a little something for everyone. You can visit the forum at this link.


If you live in a major city or like to travel and prefer face time with others in the industry, then conferences are for you. Conferences are among the number one places to network and learn in blockchain, and you’ll find people from all around the world and at all levels of expertise in attendance.

While there are quite a few blockchain and crypto conferences that have sprung up over the years, this one is amongst the most highly regarded:


d10E is a “numeronym for decentralization.” This leading conference takes place at various locations throughout the world such as Tel Aviv and San Francisco. d10e is in partnership with renowned groups such as the Blockchain Investors Consortium.

They hold events such as ICO pitch competitions and have a strong track record of successful attendees.

If you’re looking to network with the best in the industry and potentially find a place in high-dollar projects, this is the spot to see and be seen. For the location and dates of the closest upcoming event, check d10e’s site here.

Work With Others

If there’s anything the blockchain community values most, it’s fresh ideas and fresh faces that are happy to learn, create, and grow this technology that many of us pursue as a passion above all else.

Joining projects and getting your hands dirty working in the community is the number one way to network and create lasting relationships with other blockchain professionals.

While there are blockchain jobs on many platforms, there is only one place where you can find jobs that are pre-vetted for quality and fair pay that are strictly related to blockchain as well as verified, experienced freelancers.


DREAM Ecosystem

The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

DREAM is positioned to change the way the world freelances and build teams, and we’re excited to watch the DREAM platform shape the market in the coming years. One thing is for sure: A.I. + Crypto + Blockchain + Freelancing = DREAM!

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Top 8 Places to Network in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry
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