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Top 45 Hashtags to Use in Blockchain and Crypto (Plus 42 Top Influencers)

Hashtags are an important ingredient to any good Twitter marketing strategy, a fact that is perhaps more important in the blockchain world than in most other niches.

Since Twitter is a major networking platform for the tech-savvy blockchain community, following certain conventions such as proper hashtagging has become an expectation.

Hashtags help tweets gain exposure by expressing the topic associated in a way that is searchable to all Twitter users. People usually add hashtags by interest, topic, or associated group or project.

In order to get the most out of your time on Twitter when targeting the blockchain and crypto worlds, use some of the most popular hashtags to gain quick exposure to relevant people who are guaranteed to be interested in the topic, since that’s exactly what they’re searching for.

Remember, though, to use hashtags sparingly. One or two, especially if you can weave them into the body of your tweet, is plenty. A smattering here is key, because too many hashtags can become spammy and distracting.

The hashtags in this list were found in part by using Hashtagify, a free tool that helps marketers (and everyone else!) find related hashtags and see their usage trends on Twitter. It also lets you find top influencers within a niche which can be spectacular facet for freelancers and startups who need to carefully target their social media strategies for quick growth and reach.

Hashtagify also offers a paid version with more related hashtags, more influencers, in-depth analysis of your Twitter account, sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, PDF reports, and more. It starts at $10/month for a basic account with some of the features above, but they also offer a 10-day free trial.

Top related hashtags to use in blockchain and crypto in 2017:
















































Also, many blockchain companies are using #ANN or announcements, although this is not specific to this niche. Others are also using #whitepaper during ICO campaigns.

Of course, you also have project-specific hashtags like those for various bounty campaigns, smaller name altcoins, and blockchain projects–for example, #EVX for Everex.

Many users in the crypto world also append hashtags related to their specific fields and specializations. This can include tags such as #dev, #developer, #marketer, #security, #news, and many, many more.

The same can be said for various industry niches, since blockchain is proliferating well beyond the world of cryptocurrency and into niches such as healthcare, government, insurance, etc. so adding relevant industry hashtags is a must.


When you’re planning a Twitter strategy, it’s important to get your tweets in front of relevant people in your niche, but the pull of all people in the Twittersphere is not created equal. Every topic develops thought leaders and influencers, and if you can get on the radar of one of these social gurus, it can mean massive exposure.

Remember, though, that behind the handles are people. Please treat them as such and don’t spam the daylights out of these folks.

That said, understanding the tactics they use on Twitter can help you guide your own Twitter strategy for blockchain and cryptocurrency. If, in the process, you do happen to catch their eye, then all the better.

These are the top Twitter influencers for some of the most popular blockchain and cryptocurrency hashtags, according to Hashtagify:

Top 6 Influencers for #bitcoin:

  1. AlexanderHaxton
  2. BBCBreaking
  4. wikileaks
  5. wef
  6. RT_com

Top 6 Influencers for #blockchain

  1. wef
  2. IoTRecruiting
  3. evankirstel
  4. RealTonyRocha
  5. IBM
  6. Richardbranson

Top 6 Influencers for #ICO

  1. FloydMayweather
  2. 9GAG
  3. investFeed
  4. KimDotcom
  5. ICOtimeline
  6. Reality_clash

Top 6 Influencers for #TGE

  2. CassperNyovest
  3. PearlModiadie
  4. mthai
  5. JanetJealousy
  6. MotshidisiM

Top 6 Influencers for #crypto

  1. AlexanderHaxton
  2. investFeed
  3. RealTonyRocha
  4. turnkeyfans
  5. BitcoinzMachine
  6. BitcoinzMan

Top 6 Influencers for #cryptocurrency

  2. ParisHilton
  3. AlexanderHaxton
  4. StakepoolCom
  5. InvestorIdeas
  6. BitcoinzMachine

Top 6 Influencers for #fintech

  1. wef
  2. Reuters
  3. DeepLearn007
  4. craigbrownphd
  5. IoTRecruiting
  6. PrestigeEcon

Remember, no Twitter strategy is complete without research and testing. This can include watching the tactics of your competition, testing which times of day net you the best results, adding photos to your tweets, and much more.

The first and simplest way to gain a quick boost to your Twitter blockchain marketing efforts is to play with different hashtags in your related field. If you’re a freelancer or blockchain startup and want to go deeper with your research to gain exposure even faster, there are plenty of tools to help you on your journey. And no, not all of them have to break the bank.

Some of my favorites which are all free or under fifty bucks include:

  • Hashtagify
  • Google Sheets
  • Advanced Find and Replace
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Twitter Archiver (Pro)

We’ll post more on blockchain Twitter strategy (and my deep love of Google Sheets) soon.

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Top 45 Hashtags to Use in Blockchain and Crypto (Plus 42 Top Influencers)
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