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Project update - 4th of July

DREAM is Ramping Up

We've had a great week as you can see below. We're fully focussed on fundraising and partnerships (more to come!).

We've pitched DREAM hundreds of times and keep adapting. I don't think we can make many more improvements or publish many more articles!

Now we are GOING FOR IT! Our whitelist is open!

Bad Crypto Podcast

We were interviewed by the guys at the Bad Crypto. It's worth listening to if you want to hear a bit more about the history of DREAM (and Moneo before that).


1st Place in the ICO Pitch in Seoul

We attended the Blockchain Open Forum event in Seoul last week. The event was very good with lots of influencers and great networking.


Out of 11 ICO projects DREAM came first and won a $10,000 prize! The other projects were awesome and loving the innovation coming from the community.

Here is me and Brooks (SOSV investment analyst) who has done so much for our project (thanks!).


Token Economics & Hard Cap

Following extensive and valuable feedback from funds, our advisory board, and VC's we have lowered our hard-cap to $16.8m which we are confident we will hit.

We believe we can break even and cover all operating costs in 18 months. We have core business fundamentals and strong deal flow.

Also, the blockchain community is building systems that we can leverage (rather than in-house). You can read more about the changes here.

Pre-Sale Date is FINAL!

It's not a decision we took lightly, however upon request from multiple funds and syndicates for our private sale we changed the public pre-sale date to the 25th of July. This date is now set in stone.

Our marketing team is now nailing it. We have six people here in Shanghai doing daily scrums, and we've got a solid plan, remotely supported by Vladimir, Erwin, and Matt.

RISE in Hong Kong

We'll be in Hong Kong at RISE next week. RISE is huge and we've already got some meetings setup with influential people in crypto, so we have high hopes!


50,000 Rewards Claims!

DREAM Rewards is proving to be incredibly successful. We've now had 50k claims which is driving provable growth.


DREAM Rewards isn't a one off campaign, it's a core component of our Token Mechanics. We're getting insights into what channels perform which is great for our future growth.

And finally...

Occasionally we let our hair down, here is our goodbye meal for Matt (he's back in the UK).


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The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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Project update - 4th of July
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