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DREAM Project Update 22nd June

We're laying the foundations...

We've partnered with successful crypto project Indorse and also with leading Shanghai based incubator iGenisiis.

In our on-going quest to be fully transparent about our project we've published our market analysis.

We'll be pitching at the CA/MOX Blockchain Roadshow on the 26th June in Shanghai, and the Blockchain Open Forum in Seoul on the 28th and 29th of June (come and say hello!).

Remember that our whitelist is now open! We had a training session with our compliance team in Gibraltar today and they'll be starting approvals on Monday.

Indorse Partnership

Indorse, the decentralized social network for professionals that raised $10m in their ICO last year, has announced their partnership with DREAM, the world’s leading marketplace for high-end blockchain talent.


The collaboration aims to provide verification for users’ reputations through the creation of certifiable profiles on both platforms, as well as enabling entrepreneurs to raise funding and grow their teams.

This has been widely covered in the crypto media and is announced on our blog.

Igenisiis Partnership

The Igenisiis incubator has pulled together a world-class team for building out early stage startups in Shanghai, and DREAM is proud to partner with them to deliver blockchain teams as well as provide qualified deal-flow. You can read the announcement here.


The DREAM ecosystem is two-fold: we have our network of blockchain partners for reputation and identity sharing.

We're partnering with accelerators (Asia's #1 accelerator Chinaccelerator is on-board) as well as incubators.

Customers building out their projects on DREAM will have the opportunity to connect with world-leading incubators, accelerators, and investor networks.

Private Sale

We've got commitments from multiple funds and the value these guys have brought to DREAM has been fantastic. They are giving deep insights into how to structure the sale, and everyone is fully supportive of our business case and the long-term value that DREAM brings.

We remain totally committed to the public sale (we won't sell out in our private sale). DREAM is a community project that's building an ecosystem for the blockchain community.

Plus we spent four months building our token sale platform, so we want to use it!

Market Analysis

Matt has done a great job pulling together our market analysis and you can read more here.

Whilst we're starting out in blockchain, the market opportunity is huge and there is huge corporate interest. This week our CEO, Richard, pitched to Standard Bank (photo below) and they see the needs and benefits of DREAM for project delivery in their organisation.


We'll be publishing more financial information before the start of the of the public pre-sale on the 11th of July.

Right now we're leveraging our existing corporate network, SOSV's corporate innovation centre, partner networks, and investor networks.

Blockchain Open Forum in Seoul

We'll be pitching DREAM, joining a panel, and have a booth at the Blockchain Open Forum in South Korea on the 28th and 29th of June.


If you're in South Korea let us know as we have some spare tickets and can bring you along for free.

Chinaccelerator and MOX Blockchain Roadshow

On the 26th June we'll be pitching at People Squared in Shanghai as one of SOSV's portfolio companies.


And finally...

Please remember to join our Telegram group. You can also stay up to date via our blog.

Here is our pitch at Chinaccelerator demo day! The whole of Batch 13 nailed it - go team!

The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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DREAM Project Update 22nd June
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