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Project Update - 15th August

Public Sale Postponed

We are postponing our token sale until market conditions improve. ETH went from from $406 last week to a low of $256 yesterday.


All our advisors and investors are telling us to hold and focus on the core business, which is what we will do.

We'll continue to build traction, develop our product, and grow our ecosystem so we're even stronger when the market improves.

Rewards Paused

Thanks to all the community for rewards contributions, however to maintain our token supply we are pausing rewards until the token sale opens again.

All pending approvals will be processed over the next week, and rewards will be issued at the end of the sale.

SpringRole Partnership

We continue to develop our ecosystem by building strong partnerships, this time with SpringRole.


The collaboration looks to provide verification of users’ professional reputation through certified profiles on both platforms.

And Finally...

We will refund participants of the public sale over the next week.

Project Update - 15th August
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