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Product Roadmap & Fundraising Milestones

DREAM has structured the token sale with different fundraising milestones. Hitting each milestone will allow us to develop more product features, give us a longer runway, and achieve more growth.

The more feature-rich the platform, the better the prospects for growth. Additionally, the higher the level of funding, the better we can promote the platform, grow the team, and develop our market proposition.

We will grow the existing marketplace and blockchain talent agency in parallel with the product development. This means that the product will be continously validated by real customers.

As outlined in our white paper, DREAM will allocate raised funds accordingly:

  • Operations = 18%
  • Product = 50%
  • Marketing = 20%
  • Legal = 12%

Below is the product development roadmap with the corresponding raise amounts. An overview is given on why we see these different features as key to our financial growth and the benefits to the DREAM ecosystem.

Fundraising Milestones

Milestone #1 - $9 Million


DREAM Talent and Identity, DREAM Knowledge, on-boarding and Blockchain Reputation Systems


DREAM will initially focus on the the development and deployment of the talent platform that underpins how freelancers build their reputations and get rewarded for their work.

This is an important area of focus as this feature draws freelancers to the platform. Equally, DREAM Knowledge (and the underlying base A.I. system) is a key area of differentiation that we will offer our clients as soon as possible.


Investing our initial raise on these features creates a platform that offers both freelancers and clients incentives to use the platform and build their teams using DREAM.

From a finance perspective, this amount gives us the leeway to aggressively pursue blockchain talent and build a product that draws in clients looking for high-caliber talent.

Milestone #2 - $13 Million


DREAM Manager and Builder


At this milestone, DREAM will build out the smarter and A.I. driven products on the platform. DREAM’s goal at this stage is to create a unique, market-leading A.I. platform, enabling the building and managing of projects through A.I. training.

Development of these products will position DREAM in a new part of the market and enable us to execute against our strategy of A.I. led differentiation.

We can compete not only with incumbant freelance platforms (that only provide lead generation and payment services) but also with larger consultancy services by delivering proven project structures.


The initial stages of development of these products drives growth in three ways:

  1. Further setting DREAM at a competitive advantage to other talent platforms.
  2. Creating IP that can be leveraged to drive new revenue streams.
  3. Drawing more freelancers to the platform as they get access to higher-quality and better managed projects, with full ownership of their reputation and success.

This level of funding will also enable DREAM to grow the team and back our new products with a strong marketing presence.

Milestone #3: $16.8 million (Hard Cap)


A.I. Master Modules, DREAM Exchange and Checkout, A.I. Bot MVP


At this milestone DREAM will have the ability to deploy a fully complete, comprehensive product giving users the most advanced, streamlined experience when interacting with the platform – whether they are building teams, managing projects, or freelancing. Furthermore, DREAM tokens will be easy to purchase using both cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods.

Even with the current deployment of DREAM there is friction involved with buying Bitcoin. By building an internal exchange that enables purchasing of DREAM Tokens with fiat, we vastly expand our market potential.


Should DREAM reach our hard cap raise, we will have the ability to build the platform that users dream about and that our customers demand. It will be the world’s most technologically advanced platform for talent and project delivery, and an extremely powerful platform to present to the world's biggest companies looking for innovative, seamless ways to utilize blockchain and specialist freelancers.

As detailed in our Market Analysis Blog, we will also expand into much broader markets.

DREAM’s financial forecasts are for a 5-year period, and we will invest at a rate that gives us at least this amount of runway. Product development over this period is key for our future growth and will underpin our ability to reach the market outlined in the market sizing section of this article.

Financial Plan

Our financial plan is broken down as follows. We will also share more detailed financial forecasts and breakdowns.


The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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Product Roadmap & Fundraising Milestones
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