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How to Fund a Cryptocurrency Wallet Using MetaMask and CoinBase

Cryptocurrency wallets are essentially a user interface — like Gmail, Outlook, or Facebook — which hold your private keys for all of your tokens. Crypto wallets allow users to keep track of their cryptocurrency balances, transaction history, and (sometimes) their private keys.

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MetaMask is one of the primary cryptocurrency wallets used at this time because it allows users to store ERC-20 tokens from the Ethereum Network. Funding a cryptocurrency wallet is the first step to participating in the blockchain and crypto industries, token sales, developing blockchain applications, and just about anything else associated with the crypto world.

The steps to carry out this process via MyEtherWallet will be very similar to the MetaMask instructions listed further down.

  • Create a wallet + password

  • Store seed phrase

  • Fund the wallet via an exchange, Shapeshift, or other method

  • Double-check the recipient address

  • Double-check the gas input

  • Send the tokens to whichever wallet or contract you wish to contribute to

  • Await network (and/or) project confirmation

Please note that the later steps of this FAQ can be used to send tokens to ICOs, token sales, and other contribution events.

Exchange wallets cannot receive just any tokens. Often times, exchanges will not display tokens unless they offer support for them — either now, or in the future. In order to reduce the amount of possible error, projects do not normally accept exchange addresses.

To begin, visit MetaMask.io and download the add-on for Google Chrome, Brave Browser, or Mozilla Firefox.


Take down the seed phrase to recover your wallet in case your password is lost. Make sure to store the seed phrase somewhere safe!

In order to add funds to the MetaMask wallet:


1. Open the Chrome or Firefox extension

2. Select the network you want to operate on (e.g. Ropsten test network ot Ethereum Mainnet)


3. Click the “buy” button


4. Choose the appropriate cryptocurrency seller/exchange (CoinBase or ShapeShift)


5. Press “Continue to CoinBase”

  • NOTE: If you do not have a Coinbase account, you will have to create one in order to carry out the process this way.

  • Alternatively, you can send your crypto to the MetaMask or MyEtherWallet from another wallet or account (others include blockchain, CoinBase, Poloniex, and Huobi, but there are many more beyond that)

6. Enter the desired amount of ETH to purchase and fill in the email field


7. Click “Continue”

8. Enter your CoinBase password


9. Verify your login via two factor authentication (2FA)


10. Verify or add a payment method to fund the transaction


11. Verify that all of the checkout information is correct

12. Press “Buy [X.XX] ETH ($X.XX)

13. Wait for the buy to be confirmed and the sum added to the MetaMask wallet

14. Return to the MetaMask extension

15. Click “Send”


16. Input the address you wish to send ETH to (token sale wallets, friends, etc.)

17. Input the amount you want to send (in ETH)

18. Click “Next”


19. Set the gas price as high or low as needed (normally projects will recommend a gas price)


20. Submit the transaction

21. Await confirmations and verify that the transaction was recorded to the blockchain

Save the receipt and wait for your new tokens, products, or programs to be built and/or delivered!

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How to Fund a Cryptocurrency Wallet Using MetaMask and CoinBase
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