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Token Sale Economics Update

As the token sale draws closer, DREAM has been getting more valuable advice from our trusted partners and advisors in the cryptosphere.

Additionally, as the message spreads about what DREAM is creating, private contributors are showing a lot of interest in the project.

Consequently, DREAM has made some important changes to the token sale. This blog post will outline the main changes and why we felt it so important to make these modifications before the public sale goes live on the 11th of July. This will allow us to raise additional funds to deploy during the main sale.

Here is an overview of the main alterations we’ve made:

  • Total token supply has increased from 100 million to 1 billion
  • Price per token is now $0.07
  • A token pool for private contributors has been set up using 15% of the overall supply; this 15% was taken from the public sale token pool
  • Supply of tokens has been more evenly distributed across sale tiers and the pre-sale discount has been reduced to 40%
  • Following the sale, there will be an Airdrop to public contributors of 50% of any remaining tokens in private investor pool

We've made these changes following feedback from multiple large international and institutional crypto funds and VC's. The changes have been made to protect the price of the token and for longer term stability.

The Details:

Supply Increase

We have increased the supply of tokens from 100 million to 1 billion. Ultimately, increasing the number of tokens by a factor of ten will improve the liquidity of the token, thus increasing its flexibility.

Price Revaluation

The DREAM token will provide an essential utility function. In addition, the token sale is DREAM’s primary source of fundraising.

Although we are raising to support our business long-term, we wanted to ensure our maximum raise cap remains in line with the costs we project to encounter when building the platform.

Originally, the token was $0.80, which was then reduced to $0.08 when we increased the supply. We have decided to reduce the value by one cent, to $0.07, to keep our max raise cap in check at $31.8 million.

All tokens earned through the rewards platform have been adjusted to keep the USD value of the reward consistent.

Public Pool Adjustment

The number of tokens available in the public sale pool has been changed from 60% of total supply to 45%.

The 15% difference (150 million tokens) will be allocated to a private sale pool that will be available to institutions who can provide larger contributions.

We have seen a significant increase in interest from these types of contributors. It serves DREAM - and all other contributors to the project - well to offer a specific pool of tokens to parties that not only bring larger levels of investment but also a level of expertise to the project.

Discount and Supply Spread Across Tiers

We have changed the discount levels and allocation of tokens across all sale tiers. This has been done to better distribute the tokens throughout the sale and to support both early and late contributors.

The allocation is spread more evenly now, with a slight weighting in token allocation towards the end of the sale to ensure an opportunity to participate as demand increases.

In following counsel from our advisors, crypto funds, and VC's, and to further protect the value of the token, the markdown will now begin at a rate of 40% during the pre-sale, as we feel this is a more appropriate starting discount.

New Airdrop Reward for Public Sale Contributors!

We made the decision to move tokens away from the public sale for private contributors, however, the team is aware this creates a small reduction in the public's opportunity.

In light of this, at the end of the sale, DREAM will be running an Airdrop to the public of 50% of all unsold tokens from the private token pool.

Airdrop tokens will be made available to public contributors based on their percent ownership of the total public token supply. Eg: If a public contributor holds 4,500,000 tokens from the public sale, they will be eligible for 1% of the private pool airdrop (Owned tokens 4,500,000/ Public Token Supply 450,000,000). These tokens will be calculated and released to contributing ETH wallets at the end of the sale.

We feel these changes will lead to the most optimal token sale results, and in turn, support DREAM and all our contributors the best. All updates are reflected in our whitepaper.

The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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Token Sale Economics Update
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