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The purpose of this document is to address the questions that we have received from the community, investors, crypto funds, and VC's.

Executive Summary

The Problem

Every day the world’s leading blockchain talent platform DREAM receives requests to pull a team together, from development to marketing; even the smallest projects require multiple people.

Project success hinges on the team, yet pulling the right one together is tough. The current model of one-to-one freelance hiring doesn’t scale.

Based on customer and market validation DREAM have identified a need to automate project management and online team formations.

The Solution

DREAM leverages AI to model past outcomes to scope projects and build teams with the right skills and fit. The solution scales from blockchain, to freelancing, to enterprise.

The token economy incentivizes training of the AI by customers, uses proven gamification methods for growth, and facilitates payments within the DREAM ecosystem.

We are launching a Token Sale to fund the development and growth of DREAM and our whitepaper is here


DREAM has handled $10m+ worth of projects with over 400 high-end hand-picked blockchain experts. DREAM has received seed investment from #4 blockchain investor SOSV, and Artesian Invest, and is in Asia's #1 accelerator Chinaccelerator.

We built a Bitcoin Escrow Payment system, which we recently open sourced. Our DREAM Rewards program has proven to be very successful with 50,000 rewards issued so far.

Token Economy

Why do you need a token?

Our token mechanics are published here. We address a fundamental problem with AI which is data classification. The only way we can model past project success is with deep customer insights, and that's achieved by paying users with our token.

DREAM Token is a payments token for paying for freelancers, gigs, premium services, and enterprise services. We will charge for API access for insights into our data sets.

We will continue the success of DREAM Rewards as an off-platform customer acquisition channel. On-platform customer progression will be gamified through DREAM Tokens.

Explain the token price and economy?

It's taken a year of work, and with expert input and guidance from our advisory board. We've worked closely with crypto funds to improve our token economics models, as explained here and here. Our Token Economy blog provides detail about the token sale.

The private sale is open until the 24th July for contributions above 500 ETH.

Will you be listed on an exchange?

Yes, our project has been reviewed and approved by two Top 10 exchanges. We will be listed within seven days of the completion of the sale on a Top 10 exchange with $200m+ daily trading volumes.

How are you addressing liquidity?

We are in discussion with various providers and some exchanges provide this as an integrated service. We are also building an internal exchange to allow customers to buy DREAM Tokens on our checkout page which will support buy side liquidity.

Business Model

How are you different to UpWork and Fiverr?

The current freelance market is setup for hiring individuals. You post a job, receive a dozen proposals, and it’s hard to make a good hire. Freelance sites provide two core services; lead generation and payments.

DREAM scopes the project, creates a plan that's proven to work, and builds a team to deliver. When a customer uses DREAM they are leveraging the collective knowledge of the blockchain community, and benefiting from the success of others.

What's your revenue model?

We charge commission on completed transactions, for premium services, and longer-term for referrals to investors. Our enterprise solution charges for high-touch services.

How will you acquire customers?

After years of experiments we have channels that we know perform for our existing business, we just need additional funding. We know it costs $15 to acquire a client, that our average checkout is $800, and that our checkout conversion rate is 50%. The product is proven, we just need to scale it.

We have huge deal flow through our existing platform, SOSV, accelerator partners, and are in discussion with multiple corporates and governments about delivering blockchain solutions.

Ecosystem & Partners

The DREAM ecosystem allows the whole blockchain community to benefit from combined growth and success. Building a project and team on DREAM also provides access to world leading accelerators, investment funds (like Fosun), and investment networks.

Blockchain Partners

We have already announced partnerships with Indorse and R_Block. We're a founding company of the Ethereum ERC725 alliance.

Accelerators & Funding Partners

We already have access to the SOSV network, have partnered with Chinaccelerator, as well as MOX and Igenesiis.

We have a pipeline of high-quality partners that will be announced throughout the sale.


Why do you need blockchain?

Locking identities and reputations into a platform is restrictive and detrimental to everyone. Our approval process doesn't scale. Knowing who someone really is and allowing them to share their broader reputations allows us to make better decisions when building teams. Here is an interview with our advisor Fabian Vogelsteller and also a technical perspecive from our developers.

How will you deliver the AI?

We have an acomplished and experienced AI team who have already developed AI-based HR solutions. So far, we have published the following articles:

Why are you not fully decentralized?

Compute power for our AI models is millions of times more expensive on Ethereum and we wouldn't be able to develop our product fast enough. We heavily leverage analytics systems to optimize our product, and there are no decentralized solutions.

We are using blockchain where it makes most sense; for identity and reputations, the token economy, and payments and legal contracts.

Product Demo

In the following video a potential legal complication is flagged based on customer requirements. Then the customer scopes out the features and during the process rewarded for helping training our AI. Then the team is suggested (they've worked together before), and then the client makes payment.


What's the market size?

We're starting in blockchain, however we will scale into the broader freelance market, and into enterprise. The gig economy is worth $1.5tn and our accessible market is $250bn. We published our market analysis here.

How will you retain customers?

Everyone benefits from the success of projects. If a project is successful, it will benefit the freelancers personal reputation.

Circumvention is a big challenge for any two-sided marketplace (from AirBnB to UpWork). By providing valuable insights into what project structures work, by pulling together teams, and running a project end-to-end, there is a strong need to remain on platform.


How will the funds be used?

Our product development roadmap is explained here. Our goal is to break even within 18 months (cover all operational costs). Focussing on our core business will allow us to validate our product development with real customers.

Financial Model

The DREAM Financial Model and Forecast is available upon request on a case-by-case basis for participants who have completed the whitelist process and who will contribute more than 50 ETH.

Who has invested?

This covers traditional equity, however in the future we do plan on issuing security tokens (maybe through an STO). Security tokens are explained in detail over at Security Token Network.

Artesian Venture Partners

Australian venture capital firm with USD$255M under management across three funds.


US based VC with a portfolio of 700 companies with USD$300m under management and is the number four global investor in blockchain. Here is an interview with General Partner of SOSV, William Bao Bean.

Why did you join Chinaccelerator?

To gain access to SOSV's global network, access customers, validate our product, and raise funding. We have incredibly strong fundamentals, and a great network as a result.

Token Sale Contributors

X-Capital is diversified crypto hedge and investment fund with an incredibly talented team. The Silicon Valley fund consigned a leading contribution of 2000 ETH to the DREAM Token Sale. More can be found here.



Why did you incorporate in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a pro-crypto jurisdiction that after significant analysis by our legal advisors we decided was the best place for DREAM, further explained here.

What's your KYC and whitelist process?

We worked closely with our lawyers to produce a GFSC Compliant KYC/AML process. A great user experience is also important to us, and we created a straightforward registration process. The legal terms for the token sale are here.

Wrapping things up...

Here is a project review from AMTV.

Here is a podcast interview with founder Richard Foster.


  • Proven demand and validated market, with deal flow
  • Revenue generating platform
  • Funding from leading VC’s
  • Part of #1 accelerator: Chinaccelerator
  • World-class team; ready to deliver
  • Strong partnership ecosystem
  • Strong focus on fundamentals
  • Crypto and AI industry validated token need
  • Strong legal foundation and framework
  • First mover advantage.

1st Place in ICO Pitch Competition

Out of 11 promising blockchain startups at the Blockchain Open Forum event in Seoul, DREAM came first in the pitching competition!


Still have questions?

Awesome! Reach out to us on Telegram or email us. We're completely transparent and if we can fix something, we will.

The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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DREAM - The Story So Far
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