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DREAM & Security Token Network Form Partnership

Security Tokens are Coming

DREAM has supported many ICO’s and blockchain projects for over two years, yet we believe the elephant in the room for crypto is security tokens.

The opportunities are overwhelming. In not too many years everything from equity to property will be tokenized and liquid. Take a look at these articles on Security Token Network for more insights.

A Pivot for DREAM and an STO

We are working on our token economics models (and legal team) and plan to have two tokens. One for payments, and one for rewards and growth. The growth token may be a security token, and the payments token may be a stable coin.

The DREAM business model and everything we’ve done so far would remain the same (including the rewards program). The big difference would be:

  • Payments will not be subject to cryptocurrency volatility as the token will be pegged to a more stable asset, such as USD.
  • Rewards will be backed by real tangible value. Users of DREAM will own a stake in the company (providing they meet KYC/AML/compliance requirements).

This is all subject to legal work and isn't linked to the DREAM Utility Token.

STN <> DREAM Partnership

The Security Token Network is already working with some great STO projects, and DREAM will complement delivery by providing resources through the marketplace.

In addition DREAM will leverage the Security Token Network for our future goals.

Security Token Network serves industry professionals by providing a one stop shop for all things security token.

DREAM & Security Token Network Form Partnership
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