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Project Update - 8th June 2018

Our token sale is weeks away and we're ramping up big time... Starting next week you'll be seeing DREAM every day!

Just a recap - our core team is based in Shanghai in Chinaccelerator (Asia's #1 accelerator) and we have investment from two leading VC's.

Here is a video of Richard talking with William Bao Bean, General Partner of $300m VC fund SOSV. Through SOSV, William invested in DREAM.

We've had loads of great feedback and have multipleVC and funds performing due-diligence on the DREAM project right now.

We just published a new explainer video, check it out here.

Token Economics & Mechanics

We recently published two articles explaining our Token Economics and Token Mechanics.

We're building upon the existing DREAM marketplace for blockchain talent that has been live for two years. We have loads of pent-up deal flow and demand for DREAM v2.

We'll be publishing more detail around our financial forecasts and plan in the coming weeks.

AI Technical Roadmap

When you stand up and pitch a startup talking about blockchain and AI you can feel the eyes roll...! Two hot topics at the same time they think...!

Well, our CTO Frank Fichtenmueller has been working for months on our AI strategy.

This is all substantiated by extensive customer validation and interviews he performed whilst here with usin Shanghai in Chinaccelerator (and outside). He's received great feedback from the AI community in Vienna where he is based.

Here are his recent publications on how we're using AI:

Here are some broader insights into AI and HR:

And here is a blog that our esteemed advisor Daniel Shapiro (AI PhD) published to the AI community.

In summary, we're building a product that people want and need, and we have the team.

Farewell Medium

We got suspended from Medium with no explanation or advanced warning. They wouldn’t respond to our support queries, and blocked our account meaning we lost access to all our content.

This is even more frustrating as we'd just started to push a lot of our content to important people in our network, and they are now getting 404's.

All our content on Medium was informative, well written and original. We weren’t posting anything promotional either. Anyway, screw you Medium we migrated to Ghost.org and a new blog blog.dream.ac (we're still fixing a few layout issues).

We will be publishing a blog about our experiences and warning the crypto community about the risks associated with using Medium. If we get banned, then every project is at risk.

The whitelist is scheduled to open next week. We've just published our KYC processes and are finalising our whitelist user guides. It's taken us six months to get this process worked out with out legal team, so share if you know anyone setting up in Gibraltar.

Some people asked us why we incorporated in Gibraltar, so read this blog to find out!

Infinity Ventures Summit in Taipei

We're in Taipei right now and pitched at the IVS summit yesterday (we'll share the video soon). We made some great connections and will be following up with you all this weekend.


We've had Dyllan Van Erden and Jimmy Steff join us this week in Shanghai to help with business development, software testing, and marketing execution.

Andreea (our wonderful Social Media Manager) is out here too - she just landed so she is pretty jet lagged but loving Shanghai.

I'd also like to extend my thanks to my whole team and advisors who are all amazing! Without you guys we wouldn't have got this far :)

DREAM Rewards

We also have our extended team - our wonderful community who so far have made 35,000 submissions through our DREAM Rewards portal.

We're going to start publishing our leader boards next week and really making things more fun!

And finally...

Please don't forget to join our Telegram group​ :) Growing Telegram is a big priority for us right now, and with AmaZix managing it it's kept in good shape.

The DREAM platform isn’t just another untested beta program on a white paper… It’s live and being used right now to hire blockchain professionals. The token sale will enable DREAM’s innovative team to take DREAM to the next level by integrating A.I. and incorporating our platform token.

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Project Update - 8th June 2018
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