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9 In-Demand Blockchain Jobs Startups Are Hiring For Right Now

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As bitcoin prices continue to rise, blockchain and cryptocurrency are catching the eyes of many as worthwhile industries to get involved in. As project demands grow, current talent pools struggle to keep up with the influx of job offers.

With so many opportunities in blockchain, freelancers and other professionals are encouraged to integrate blockchain into their pre-existing skills to help fill the many well-paid, open positions in this niche.

Check out the top 9 in-demand blockchain jobs startups are hiring for right now.

Smart Contract Developer – Ethereum / ERC20

If it’s a blockchain project, there’s a high chance that ethereum smart contracts will be used at some stage in the timeline, frequently during a token generation event. Blockchain is in high demand of more skilled ethereum developers to support these projects, with many experts booked many months in advance.

There is good money to be made as a smart contract developer, with many projects willing to pay worthwhile project percentages and/or respectable hourly rates for someone with the skills to fill this vital role.

Tokensale / ICO Marketer

Tokensales have proven to be a highly successful method for blockchain projects to secure funding and community support, with many events resulting in tens of millions of dollars or more. When a project is only first beginning to gain traction, a marketer who understands the blockchain landscape and the people who care about it is critical to success.

Marketers can provide insight into the habits of people in the blockchain community, find opportunities to spread the word about the project, and create strategies alongside other important team members such as the bounty campaign manager–a role that is mostly specific to blockchain and crypto.

Bounty Campaign Manager

During token generation events, blockchain projects usually host bounty campaigns which offer community members money after the raise in exchange for their help to spread the word. Usually, this involves paying users for tweets and retweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, signatures on blockchain forums, Reddit posts, blog posts, participation in community channels, and translations of blogs, whitepapers, and websites.

While this is an excellent way to gain traction for a blockchain project, there are a lot of moving parts that require a dedicated bounty campaign manager. Bounty campaign managers help set prices for the raise, determine necessary form fields, answer community questions, and help verify participation.

Community Manager

Whether during a tokensale or after, community managers play a vital role by interfacing with members of the project community. Most blockchain projects maintain a Slack or Telegram where users can discuss the project, provide feedback, ask questions, and generally get to know one another.

This community-centric aspect of marketing and sales is especially prominent in the blockchain niche, so having dedicated team members in the chat to gauge user reactions and offer support is expected by most who would want to get involved in a project. It is especially crucial to have a community manager during token generation events and bounty campaigns, since many questions arise from users during this time.

However, even after, users will want to be updated about project timelines and successes as well as any security incidents, so keeping the community manager active  even after the raise is important.

Project Web Designer / Developer

Blockchain enthusiasts live all across the globe. While conventions are great for networking, the central hub for any blockchain project is generally the website. Expert web designers who can design the “face” of a project in a way that alludes to blockchain technology while managing more complex features that come with the territory are in high demand.

A special concern of web developers in blockchain is security which is often put to the test during token generation events, since many blockchain projects have become targets for hackers. Understanding how to create interfaces for raises and bounty campaigns, offering multiple translations of the website, and creating designs that offer a high-tech vibe while maintaining the project brand are all highly sought-after skills in blockchain web designers and web developers.

Lawyer with Blockchain Experience

In the early stages of a blockchain project, lawyers play a crucial role. However, not any lawyer will do. The constantly-changing legal landscape of crypto and blockchain require someone who stays up to date with present challenges. An understanding of securities laws is also a common trait sought by blockchain startups. Other issues lawyers in blockchain can help with include cryptocurrency taxation and location of incorporation.

Whitepaper Writer / Researcher

Good whitepapers express the intent of entire projects in a concise way that can be understood by both technical and non-technical audiences and can be translated readily into multiple languages. They are among the most important documents in any blockchain project, so projects are generally willing to pay well for expert writers and researchers.

Sometimes the writer and researcher role are both filled by one person, but oftentimes it is two separate people who work closely together. Especially in cases of token generation events, solid whitepapers are a key piece of a successful raise.

Strategic Consultant

Strategic consultants can take on a variety of roles in blockchain projects. With many startups entering the blockchain world for the first time, experts in various facets of blockchain and token generation events can help guide the process and offer valuable insight into the technical workings of the project itself as well as the steps to pique the interest of investors and the community.

Strategic consultants can help with verifying the validity of business use cases as well as the receptivity they would expect to come of the project.


Auditors are involved in auditing smart contracts, financial records, and security. Smart contract auditors look for things like vulnerabilities in code such as solidity compiler bugs or vulnerabilities in smart contracts themselves. They also compare various project facets with other projects in the blockchain space.

Financial auditors help with writing reports at the end of tokensales that provide records of funds collected, budgeted, and used as well as their location.

Security auditors look at aspects like server security, website vulnerabilities, storage and collection of funds, user information protection, and more.


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9 In-Demand Blockchain Jobs Startups Are Hiring For Right Now
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