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5 Blockchain Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn to Stay in the Loop

With blockchain professionals scattered all over the globe, social media is a primary way to network with others in this niche. Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have troves of experts who are happy to discuss projects. In fact, these all made it into our list of the Top 8 Places to Network in Blockchain.

Since LinkedIn is business-centric, it’s a perfect place to look for partnerships as well as insider updates. LinkedIn’s native article creation feature is one way to quickly gain attention from other experts when you provide relevant updates, research, explanations, and opinions.

These five influencers offer up excellent blockchain content and have amassed quite a few followers with their posts. Follow these folks and connect with others in post comments to grow your blockchain network and stay in the loop with all the latest research and trends.



Don Tapscott

500k+ Followers

Co-founder and Executive Director at Blockchain Research Institute

Don Tapscott writes about topics like building innovation superclusters, using blockchain technology for climate change, the long-term potential of blockchain, and the price changes in bitcoin. He also shares guest posts about topics such as workaholism, a concern that is highly relevant to most of the blockchain community.



John Patrick Mullin

27k+ Followers

Investment Banker, Speaker, Writer, Fintech & blockchain enthusiast

John Patrick Mullin writes posts regarding valuing crypto assets, the impacts of decentralized artificial intelligence, altcoin fundraisers for disaster relief, DApps, and information about FinTech, blockchain, and crypto in China where he currently works and resides. 



Simon Chan

25k+ Followers

Founder and CEO of DigiVue Consulting

Simon Chan’s focus is on digital transformation, and so he writes posts about much more than blockchain, but his pull with the community is prevalent nevertheless. In the past, he has covered crypto in the music industry, the hype vs. substance surrounding digital transformation, and even the UK election. He also discusses alternatives to Agile, and the openness of recruitment to disruption and transformation.



Mark van Rijmenam

20k+ Followers

Founder of dscvr.it and Datafloq. Faculty at Blockchain Research Institute. Speaker on Big Data, Blockchain, AI and Disruptive Innovations. Author.

Mark van Rijmenam covers a ton of topics surrounding disruptive innovation, blockchain included. His insightful posts touch on blockchain’s impacts on consumer data, IoT, online reputation, the democratic process, identity, and big data. He also writes about topics such as conversational AI and the downfall of bitcoin. He posts regularly and always adds something worth a read.



Oliver Bussmann

64k+ Followers

Global C-Level Executive | Board Director | Information Technology | Banking, Insurance & Asset Management. President of Crypto Valley Association.

Oliver Bussmann of Bussmann Advisory and INSEAD posts on LinkedIn about the meeting point of disruption and innovation with financial topics. This has so far included blockchain’s impact on life insurance, radical decentralization, public and private blockchains, corporate banking, and, occasionally, a combination of politics and FinTech.

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5 Blockchain Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn to Stay in the Loop
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